Espoo Day is the largest annual urban festival held in Espoo. Come and join us in creating and experiencing a great shared city festival!

The history of Espoo Day goes back several decades, during which Espoo was celebrated with various village festivals and theme events. The first official celebration called Espoo Day was held in 1992, when Espoo celebrated its 20th anniversary as a city. 27 August was chosen as the official Espoo Day. On this day, in 1556, the charter for the Espoo Manor House was signed. Since 2010, the city festival has been celebrated annually on the last Saturday of August. Every year, well over 100 events organised by city residents, communities, companies and city organisers take part in the festivities. Admission to the Espoo Day events is free of charge at all times.

Instructions for city event organisers

Please familiarise yourself with the instructions for event organisers when planning your event. The website contains important information on how to organise events. Various different parties and officials supervise the organising of public events, and the event organiser must attend to the necessary permits, reports and arrangements well in advance before the event is to take place. The instructions also include practical tips by various Espoo event organisers.

The City of Espoo Culture Committee awards discretionary grants for Espoo residents, communities, organisations and workgroups to implement festivals, art events and participatory cultural productions. Project grants are open for application from the end of January to the end of August. The application form should be sent well in advance before Espoo Day. Instructions and application forms are available via this link.